Many other outsiders, ever since Donald Trump won, have been motivated to consider running for office, including Laura Ingraham, conservative media titan as well as iconic rocker Ted Nugent.

But now, a prominent Fox News host just announced their intention to run for Senate.

Ladies and Gentleman, Eric Bolling!

This beloved host just inked a multi-year contract with Fox News, which means that he will be gainfully employed at the network for quite some time.

However, Bolling recently declared that when he concludes his work in the media work, he will aim for public office.
Bolling stated to Vicky Hyman of NJ.com, “When the lights go down on my TV career, the next step is running for Senate.” Hyman asked Bolling if he was prepared to go head-to-head with Senator Cory Booker’s seat representing New Jersey. Responded Eric with a laugh, “Not yet.”

Bolling rose to prominence as co-host of The Five, and was later considered for a spot by President Donald Trump. He as an early vocal supporter of Donald Trump and once described Trump’s charisma by saying: “When he come down the escalator with Melania, I looked across the newsroom. Every single pair of eyeballs were staring at the screen. This guy has something that we can’t describe.”

Do you think Bolling will make a good U.S. Senator?

Do you support him?

Source: conservative101