Michigan lawmaker proposes bill banning Sharia Law

Fueled by Obama’s refugee program the city is slowly becoming the middle east of America.They got a rude awakening from one brave individual who is leading the charge to bring back Dearborn to America again.

Muslims strive for world domination, and we can see this in the preachings of their holy book, implementing Sharia law without anyone realizing before it’s too late.

Michele Hoitenga is not taking a backseat and leading the charge stopping Muslims in their tracks with a nasty surprise.The Republican proposed a bill which would ban residents of Michigan from trying to implement other countries laws according to an email obtained by MLive.
A doctor in Detroit is being charged with actively engaging in genital mutilation on young girls, practicing a fundamentalist version of Sharia Law, Hoitenga claimed in an email.
The bill is already under heavy fire from Democrats. Abdullah Hammoud, D-Dearborn claimed, there is no connection between Sharia law and genital mutilation.

Hamoud said:” Being a Muslim, I am not aware of a fundamentalist version or any other version that encourages female genital mutilation.

In an MLive statement, Hoitenga clarified, that the legislation referred to recognition in courts, and was not directed to any specific Sharia Law.

” This legislation simply clarifies that foreign laws are not consistent with American laws and will not be recognized by our courts, the legislation is not specifically aimed at any groups or religions” Hoitenga claimed.

Source: mlive