Just In: President Trump Receives Some Great News From Americans

Just In: President Trump Receives Some Great News From Americans

President Donald Trump is hit with a lot of hate every single day. The mainstream media tries to do whatever they can to make his presidency a sham. But that is not going to happen and it looks like Americans are finally starting to see what this man is capable of. He is working hard to keep his campaign promise of making America great again. But it is hard for him to do while being attacked on a daily basis.

But Trump did just get some good news when it was announced that his approval rating is much higher than it was before. They have approved since making a deal with Democrats in Congress. They were also helped by the ending of the Obama-era program known as DACA. And the last thing that helped his numbers get back on track was his response to the storms recently.

His current rating is at 43 percent, which is 3 percent higher than it was at this point last month. And he has had a very busy month. Hurricane Harvey and Irma devastated large parts of Florida and Texas and his response was amazing.

He also shocked people everywhere when it was announced that he had made a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi about funding the government. This helped him with those more in the middle.

“Going to the middle has helped him with the middle — without costing him much from his own base,” Democratic pollster Fred Yang, who did the poll, told NBC.

The fact that he ended DACA also helped him a lot with conservatives all around the country. The Obama executive order was a big problem for those that knew about it. Trump wanted to make sure that this went into law through the constitutional process that it needs to go through.

This is great news for a president that has had to deal with so much hate. This is a big kick back in the right direction. Hopefully more and more people can see what Trump is willing to do for the betterment of the country.

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