Just In: CNN Host Threatens To Poison President Trump

Just In: CNN Host Threatens To Poison President Trump

President Donald Trump earned himself a bunch of enemies, and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has just joined the list of anti-Trumps. The chef doesn’t think twice before spreading his words of hate. We bet that he has no clue of the consequences he may face for threatening the sitting President of the United States. Bourdain made a shocking statement, and it involves the words “President Trump” and “poison.”

Patriots across the country are disguised with Bourdain’s statement, and we believe that he may lose some of his greatest clients. Plus, nobody is ever going to watch his show. It seems like Anthony Bourdain doesn’t mind hanging on the wall of shame. But, President Trump doesn’t deserve any of his ugly comments.

The popular chef is not the only person to mock and even threat our leader. We all remember how Hollywood stars used their award speeches to bash President Trump. Let’s just say that they are just a bunch of people whose life is super-boring.

Reporters caught Anthony Bourdain outside an airport and the chef used the opportunity to say that he’d poison the President’s food.

Of course, this would happen only if President Trump asks Bourdain to cater a dinner for him. Luckily, none of that is going to happen, and it’s more than sure that other people will think twice before tasting Bourdain’s food.

This is sad and stupid at the same time. Bourdain doesn’t even think that he is wasting his talent for nothing. President Trump doesn’t deserve any of his comments. He is a true leader and an amazing person. Maybe Bourdain was joking. Just like Kathy Griffin. Rings a bell?

Anthony Bourdain chose the wrong way to express his disagreement with the President’s policy. But, he forgets that President Trump was the only person to open the problem with illegals and criminals. He should respect that! The same applies to other anti-Trumps.

What do you think about the comments Anthony Bourdain made? Do you think President Trump will come out with a statement? Will he react to Bourdain’s provocation? Will this statement affect Bourdain’s career?