Breaking: Trump Supporter Comes Forward With Impeachment Announcement

Breaking: Trump Supporter Comes Forward With Impeachment Announcement

President Trump has been receiving some pretty negative conservative backlash after his early morning tweets admitting that he would like it if DACA were to be re-implemented by Congress. His own supporters have been very defiant with this news, saying that these people are illegal citizens in this country, regardless of how good they might be.

Now a major (former?) President Trump supporter has come out with calls for impeachment. Though this is a stretch by every standard, Ann Coulter, who once spoke at a Trump rally during his campaign, was clear about how she felt about his comments. This is a big change from the Trump who vowed a wall on the Mexican border, paid for by Mexico.

When Trump tweeted, “They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own, brought in by parents at young age. Plus BIG border security,” Coulter had a very straight response.

“At this point, who DOESN’T want Trump impeached?” she asks hypothetically. That number might be pretty low with his supporters, who still agree with most of his policies. But she brings up the point that if Trump continues to work deals like this into his future, he runs the risk of impeachment.

Coulter was once one of the biggest-name supporters that President Trump had. She was able to bring in a lot of people from her following to vote for him in the election. Times have changes, however, with the once-strong relationship turning icy in months past.

One of the main issues she has had with the administration is the progress on the border wall promise, or lack thereof. She has come out attacking Trump for not doing more for this campaign promise that was once so prominent on people’s minds.

Impeachment is a bit far on the horizon at this point in time. Trump still holds to support of millions across the country. But her change in stance proves that anyone could do it. Let’s hope that this does not happen in the future.

What was your reaction to Trump’s tweets on DACA?