Breaking News From North Korea… Missiles Are Being Prepared For Launch

Breaking News From North Korea… Missiles Are Being Prepared For Launch

North Korea and the United States are in a standoff. After President Trump and his administration imposed the strongest ever diplomatic sanctions against the reclusive country, Kim Jong-un and company are less than pleased. They have promised to combat this with the worst attack that the United States has ever seen. Even though this is another empty threat, it is important to note the animosity that they have for our country.

NBC has now broke the news that the North Koreans were seen moving mobile missile launchers and preparing sites for launch. This all comes within the last 48 hours. Could they be planning something big? A trio of defense analysts might have the answer.

”Such activity, coming shortly after the largest underground nuclear test conducted at Punggye-ri to date (via the North Portal), suggests that on-site work could now be changing focus to further prepare those other portals for future underground nuclear testing,” the defense analysts, Frank V. Pabian, Joseph S. Bermudez Jr. and Jack Liu, said in a report on 38 North, a website dedicated to North Korea.

The website also reports that the nuclear test famously achieved by the North Koreans might have been way bigger than originally thought to be.

The report states that the test had the capability to reach a staggering number as high as 250 kilotons. This is significantly more than Japan’s estimate of 160 kilotons and even more than South Korea’s estimate of around 50 kilotons.

This proves once again that the North Koreans have more in their arsenal than we are giving them credit for. It is obvious that we cannot continue to ignore the threats that have been made against our country and our people. That is one of the many reasons for Trump’s decision to impose these very harsh sanctions.

President Trump talked about the imposed sanctions, which were much weaker than originally though saying, “We think it’s just another very small step — not a big deal. But those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen.”

President Trump must remain calm and composed in the face of evil and that is what he has been doing.

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