Bill O’Reilly Responds to Megyn Kelly Accusation by Releasing Letters

Bill O’Reilly Responds to Megyn Kelly Accusation by Releasing Letters

For a while there, it looked like Bill O’Reilly had a chance of returning to Fox News. O’Reilly had been in exile from Fox since it was revealed that he and the network shelled out millions of dollars to settle multiple sexual harassment cases. But, with no definitive proof of the allegations, there were rumors that O’Reilly might still yet return to the network he helped make dominant force in cable news.

That hope was shattered today. Thanks to the revelations of Democrat financier and Hollywood whorish mogul Harvey Weinstein, extra scrutiny is being paid toward men who sexually harass and abuse vulnerable women.


Now, Megyn Kelly, the previous Fox anchor who moved on to NBC and has seen struggling ratings ever since, jumped into the fray, accusing O’Reilly of lying about harassing women.

From the Daily Mail: “Megyn Kelly went for the jugular on her eponymous hour of ‘Today‘ on Monday, tearing down a Fox News executive and Bill O’Reilly as they fight back against a New York Times story that revealed the disgraced anchor paid former legal analyst Lis Wiehl $32 million to settle a sexual harassment suit.”

“Fox News was not exactly a friendly environment for harassment victims who wanted to report, in my experience. However, O’Reilly’s suggestion that no one complained about his behavior is false. ‘I know because I complained,” Kelly said.

Wow. And to think, it was only about a year ago, O’Reilly would hand off the reins to Kelly every evening on Fox. Such a sad falling out.


O’Reilly wasn’t about to let Kelly have the last word, though. He shot back, posting two thank you notes from Kelly to his website.


Dear Bill:

What a class act you are, coming to my baby shower. I was truly touched – I know how busy you are, especially that time of day. It meant a lot to me + Doug. And thank you for the darling bodysuits + snuggly – it’s hard to believe will soon have a little human being in our lives tiny enough to fit in the,

You’ve become a dear friend (no matter what you say) + I am grateful to have you in my life.

-Megyn & Doug


Bill –

Thanks for the plug on Doug’s book. I realize you didn’t have to do that, especially after mentioning it already.

I appreciate how supportive you have been of me over the years here @ FNC.

You are a true friend + mentor.



Those notes sure are interesting. I guess O’Reilly is trying to prove his relationship with Kelly was much closer than her accusations make it sound.